Staff List

Helen Lui
Helen began her journey as a pole dancer and aerialist in 2012, completely addicted from the moment she started. Training on various types of pole (spinning, static and circus) as well as various aerial apparatus (predominantly lyra, silks and trapeze) has allowed her to diversify her range of strength, technique and flexibility to bring back to her pole roots, giving her a unique style. Drawn to the strength, grace and beauty of pole, she thrives on the mental, physical and emotional challenges pole brings and truly believes it's a sport for the body, mind and soul!
Jing-Yun Wong
Jing-Yun Wong is a Perth based artist, having performed both around Australia and overseas. At the age of 5 she began extensive training in the disciplines of artistic gymnastics, Chinese martial arts and classical music. Competitions, performances and examinations were routinely frequent practices within these art forms. These provided her with strong foundations in which she was able to then transfer her passions comfortably into the athleticism and beauty of circus arts, rock climbing and dance. Over the years she has judged and competed in multiple hip hop events and continues to compete in rock climbing.

In 2010 Jing put her career as an Occupational Therapist on hold and focused solely on training and performing as a circus artist after being accepted into the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) in Melbourne. Shortly after completing her first year at NICA, specializing in aerials and handstands, she was offered a contract to perform as a house troupe artist in the Franco Dragone production "The House of Dancing Water" in Macau. Prior to moving overseas Jing performed regularly as a dancer and circus artist in gigs and live shows around WA and VIC, and was featured in television programs and advertisements while studying and working in her chosen academic fields.

Jing is currently an internationally sponsored rock climber. She is passionate about the intricate beauty of performing, the determination of training, and the motivations to face both physical and mental challenges. She is always excited to share her own knowledge and skills gained through the years of experience and to also learn from those around her. She wishes nothing more but to encourage all others to discover, recognise and cherish their own gifts and abilities to perform strengths and skills that may otherwise seem 'impossible'.

Amber Mae
Amber's love of pole dancing began in 2012 ago when she attended a beginners class for the first time, she has been hooked ever since! Amber was able to progress very quickly through the levels of pole and is now actively competing in National Competitions and performing regularly. Her 7 years of gymnastics training give her a unique dynamic and exciting style and a very sound understanding of her body which she is passionate about sharing with her students. She loves all aspects of pole dancing from training, teaching, competing, learning and most importantly having fun.
Danica Pirga
Danica offers 6 years of experience in pole, Competing in various prolific pole dancing competitions, Danica's passion for performance recently helped her achieve 1st place in the inaugural FCAPC and compete in the 2017 Felix Cane Pole Championships alongside the worlds best.

Danica believes that the pole environment gave her the ability to love her body and the confidence to fully emerse herself in this amazing sport.

Up to date with new tricks and trends, Danica's students from beginners to advanced will enjoy exploring their passion for dance and learn to love the pole experience just as much as her.