Kat Smithers

Kat Smithers instructs the following:
  • Mums, Dads and Bubs
  • This class is designed to help new Parents and Mums and Dads with young tots get back into the swing of things! If your bub is a little too young to be left unattended or finding a sitter is an expensive hassle, fear not! This is your solution. Felix invites you to bring your young children along with you into the studio while you have your lesson. We will be keeping the music nice and low for little delicate ears and the pace steady and catered to each individual. Don't worry if you feel you can't give you full attention to the pole that's what this class is all about! Multitasking! The class time will be 90mins to allow for tiny and regular distractions. If 90mins seems too long don't worry at all, you can leave as soon as you feel you have gotten your pole fix for the day. If you have a very new baby Felix recommends waiting until your child has been fully immunised before bringing them along.

    The goal of this class is to create a relaxed and parent friendly environment. Felix has had extensive experience catering for parents and is always looking for innovating ways to make pole an easy integration into everyday life. If you have any questions please contact the studio and we will be happy to help however we can.

  • Advanced Trending Pole Tricks

  • Advanced Dance Pole Routine Masterclass
  • In this class we will be learning a very challenging full song dance routine. We will incorporate the newest pole tricks as well as advanced floor work and exotic flow. This is the highest level of choreography taught at Felix Cane Academy. We will be pulling from famous pole routines performed by the pole stars as well as constantly adding new tricks and combinations. Be sure to keep your instructor up to date with all the routines that you love to add to the challenge! 

  • Contortion & Extreme Stretching