Sally Jardine

Sally Jardine instructs the following:
  • Flips, Drops, Transitions and Tumbles
  • A class for all levels of flippers! From Baby Flippers with no experience at all to Flippers that love the newest trickiest combos!
    Flips and drops are fun and challenging. A key element in making your pole routines more dynamic and a vital component should you want to go into competitive pole dancing.
    Don't worry there's no need to be scared. We will always start with the baby or slow motion version so you can build up you confidence in your own time plus your instructor will be there to spot you through all your transitions.
    In this class you will learn new ways into and out of familiar moves allowing you the freedom to invent your own new transitions and combinations. We will learn on both spinning and static pole for maximum versatility!
    So what is a Flip? A flip is a 360 degree rotation where the body will pass through an upside down position.
    And a Drop? A drop is classified by a rapid loss of height either in one pose or changing from one pose to another.
    A Tumble? A tumble is a loss of height while changing position and body orientation.
    And a Transition? Moving from one pose to another and mastering the illusion if effortlessness.