Julie Moran

Julie Moran instructs the following:
  • Level 3 Pole
  • Level 3 will start you working on the pole at height with confidence and focus on building your upper body strength to enable higher level pole moves. In this course we will start to introduce and build strength in the basic holds and positioning for more advanced level holds preparing you for advanced level pole!

  • Advanced Trending Pole Tricks

  • Advanced Dance Pole Routine Masterclass
  • In this class we will be learning a very challenging full song dance routine. We will incorporate the newest pole tricks as well as advanced floor work and exotic flow. This is the highest level of choreography taught at Felix Cane Academy. We will be pulling from famous pole routines performed by the pole stars as well as constantly adding new tricks and combinations. Be sure to keep your instructor up to date with all the routines that you love to add to the challenge! 

  • Stretching for Flexibility
  • A full hour of stretchy release! Flexibility is a crucial tool for pole and many other movement arts. Increasing your flexibility will allow you to transition in and out of shapes with ease, improve the aesthetics of your lines and the mobility of your joints. All flexibility classes are tailored for any level and there are no prerequisites just a keen body and a positive mind. 

  • Hard-Core Abs - Strength and Conditioning
  • What is the key to fluidity, control, grace and poise? Core strength! To unlock all the benefits of strong core regular strength training is needed! A combination of Pilates, yoga and gymnastics to perfectly compliment your pole training or a great way to get in shape fast! Added bonuses include rock hard abs and six pack.

  • Contortion & Extreme Stretching

  • Beginners Level 1 Pole
  • A fun and friendly introduction to all things pole! Have a great time learning the basic moves, spinning, climbing and an entry level routine! What to wear? Sports attire, bare feet and shorts that end above your knees. If you have any questions or queries please contact us by email or phone!

  • Erotic Flow and Lap Dance
  • The more sultry and seductive side of pole... Learn the art of body waves and undulations, hip circles and rhythms, body adorations, head rolls, fluid step work and sensual movement. A small combination of movements will be taught each week focusing on different body parts and movement carefully breaking down the exact technique of each sensual movement. The aim of these classes to awaken the erotic dancer inside, a little bit of naughtiness and flirty fun to keep it interesting! This is an all level class the focus will be on dance style so beginners through to extreme advanced polers are welcome! Ps. Don't forget to bring your knee pads to this class!