About Felix Cane Academy

The Felix Cane Academy (FCA) is the largest pole studio operating in Perth, Australia, and one of the largest in the world. We have two beautifully appointed pole studios - The Loft Studio and the Hall of Fame Studio.

  • The Hall of Fame at Felix Cane Academy
  • Hall of Fame at Felix Cane Academy
  • The Loft at Felix Cane Academy
  • The Loft at Felix Cane Academy
  • The store at Felix Cane Academy
  • The store at Felix Cane Academy
  • The store at Felix Cane Academy

The studios

The Loft is an uplifting light and airy space with a total of seventeen poles, floor to ceiling mirrors on three of the four walls, storage for belongings, toilet and change room. The Hall of Fame, with its fourteen poles and floor to ceiling mirrors is a sensual, moody and magnetic room perfect for forgetting the outside world. The Hall of Fame houses the largest student changing room and toilet facilities.

Superior customer experience is of paramount importance to us and within both our expansive 200 square metre studios we deliver the highest quality pole training facility available.


We offer a wide variety of classes from beginners pole through to the most extreme advanced levels. We also offer stretching and flexibility classes and core strengthening classes all tailored to improve your strength and agility to get the most out of your pole dancing experience and also see great improvements in your body shape and function, health and fitness.

We also offer workshops and short courses in aerial hoop (coming soon), contortion and acrobatics and provide yoga mats for stretching and warm up free of charge.


We have ample parking spaces on site! And if that’s not enough, there is also free street parking.

The poles

Our poles are state of the art brass 38mm Pussycat Poles and have the ability to be used on spin mode or on static mode. We are proud to have our poles spread out with ample space between each pole so each student enjoys the luxury and aerobic benefit of full reach away from the pole. We have floor to ceiling mirrors in the studios so you are always at a great vantage point.

Creche facility and kid-friendly classes

We offer a creche facility for children aged 5 or over free of charge, your children will be entertained with books, toys and children’s movies on stream from Kid’s Netflix. We do require that you call in to book your child in to avoid overcrowding. For children younger than 5 or for children who are not comfortable being left unsupervised we offer Mums, Dads and Bubs classes where you can bring your child into the studio. The sessions are slightly longer to allow for small interruptions and all levels are welcome as the class will be tailored to suit you exact needs.

Our store

On site you will find a wonderful store where you can purchase everything you need to assist in you in your pole training. We stock the highest quality supplements including pre and post workout formulas, fat burners, protein powders, protein bars and even protein ice cream!

Our shop also stocks shoes, grip and apparel.