We offer a wide variety of classes from beginner’s pole through to the most extreme advanced levels. We also offer stretching and flexibility classes, and core strengthening classes, all tailored to improve your strength and agility to get the most out of your pole dancing experience and also see great improvements in your body shape and function, health and fitness.

We also offer workshops and short courses in aerial hoop, contortion and acrobatics and provide yoga mats for stretching and warm up free of charge.

All classes are 60 minutes in duration with the exception of workshops and parties, which can be a minimum of 90 minutes.

Private lessons are a minimum of 60 minutes but can be booked for longer.


Pole dance and tricks

A fun and friendly introduction to all things pole! Have a great time learning the basic moves, spinning, climbing and an entry level routine! What to wear? Sports attire, bare feet and shorts that end above your knees. If you have any questions or queries please contact us by email or phone!
After learning the basics in Beginners you may now want to take your pole dancing to the next level. Level 2 is where you will start to gain confidence in inverts and learn to be on the pole safely while upside down! You will start to learn leg hangs and simple pole combinations up on the pole. In this class you will learn a routine to showcase all of your newly learnt skills.
Level 3 will start you working on the pole at height with confidence and focus on building your upper body strength to enable higher level pole moves. In this course we will start to introduce and build strength in the basic holds and positioning for more advanced level holds preparing you for advanced level pole!
Highly advanced pole combinations, moves and all the newest pole ricks! 
Advanced pole dance moves and a full pole routine for those who are ready to fly!
In this class we will be learning a challenging full song dance routine and new advanced tricks and combinations. We will incorporate the new pole tricks as well as floor work and flow. 

This class is designed to help new Parents and Mums and Dads with young tots get back into the swing of things! If your bub is a little too young to be left unattended or finding a sitter is an expensive hassle, fear not! This is your solution. Felix invites you to bring your young children along with you into the studio while you have your lesson. We will be keeping the music nice and low for little delicate ears and the pace steady and catered to each individual. Don't worry if you feel you can't give you full attention to the pole that's what this class is all about! Multitasking! The class time will be 90mins to allow for tiny and regular distractions. If 90mins seems too long don't worry at all, you can leave as soon as you feel you have gotten your pole fix for the day. If you have a very new baby Felix recommends waiting until your child has been fully immunised before bringing them along.

The goal of this class is to create a relaxed and parent friendly environment. Felix has had extensive experience catering for parents and is always looking for innovating ways to make pole an easy integration into everyday life. If you have any questions please contact the studio and we will be happy to help however we can.


Exotic dance

Pole Flow and Choreography class with linking steps, floor work and pole play suitable for all levels. Don't forget to bring your knee pads to this class!


This class will guide you through building up your repertoire of Lyra skills combining tricks into beautiful combinations.
Exclusively available to our Unlimited Access Package holders - Pole silks is a beautiful new apparatus fusing two arts together to form a new and unique discipline. Pole silks is open to all levels of poler or silk artist, no experience needed. Please call or msg the studio to book in :)

Flexibility and strength

A full hour of stretchy release! Flexibility is a crucial tool for pole and many other movement arts. Increasing your flexibility will allow you to transition in and out of shapes with ease, improve the aesthetics of your lines and the mobility of your joints. All flexibility classes are tailored for any level and there are no prerequisites just a keen body and a positive mind. 
Extreme stretching and strengthening through your full range to gain deeper flexibility in all areas. It is recommended to have flat splits and bridge for this class. 
What is the key to fluidity, control, grace and poise? Core strength! To unlock all the benefits of strong core regular strength training is needed! A combination of Pilates, yoga and gymnastics to perfectly compliment your pole training or a great way to get in shape fast! Added bonuses include rock hard abs and six pack.


Sexy cardio dance influenced heavily by the iconic dance styles of Beyonce through to Britney!! Suitable for any level of dancer, non dancer and anything in between! All fitness levels can come along for some serious attitude and nonstop giggles!! No pole in this class just MAXIMUM CARDIO! Come get your sweat on, followed by a full body stretch out - gain your maximum flexibility potential by stretching after a cardio workout!
What to wear? Bring along your runners, shorts and a tank top. Be sure to bring a towel and water bottle because things really heat up in this hour :)

How to Enrol

You can book into class at any time using a variety of methods:

Felix Cane Academy App


The Felix Cane Academy App is a great way to manage and book your classes at your convenience. From the App you can view class descriptions, times, instructors and class timetables. The App allows you to buy classes and book yourself in classes, also to change and reschedule classes at your convenience.

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Over the phone

You can also call in to book your classes over the phone and pay by credit card. We are also very happy to help you if you come in to the studio to book your classes with one of our helpful staff!


We have a variety of pricing options including casual classes, packages and unlimited access to suit your requirements and lifestyle.

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