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Felix Cane Pole Championships - GUILTY PLEASURES - 29th April 2016


Join us for an evening of thrills and sinfulness where the world’s most entertaining professional pole performers seduce our curiosities by bringing to life a provocative display of alluring guilty pleasures. Felix Cane Pole Championships is a new age pole dancing competition focusing on showmanship and bringing the best entertainers to the stage.

After a decade in the industry and touring the globe with the proclaimed Cirque du Soleil, Felix Cane has decided to start her own style of pole dancing competition. The second ever annual event will be held on Friday 29th of April 2016 at Metropolis Fremantle in Perth, Western Australia. The FCPC 2016’s theme with be Guilty Pleasures. Twenty International finalists, hand selected by Felix, will compete to captivate the audience and judges in attempt to seduce them with their interpretation on this year’s theme.

Felix Cane Pole Championships is not about finding the strongest pole dancer that can bang out all the hardest tricks in a row... Tricks are for kids. We are looking for undeniable entertainment – we want true show quality. We are looking for the X factor. That one super star that leaves your jaw agape, the one performer that leaves you speechless and covered in goose bumps, the one that leaves you wanting MORE. We are looking for the next pole legend. FCPC is a Unisex Competition, the men and women will go head to head for the overall title of Felix Cane Pole Champion 2016 carrying with it a $5000 cash prize.

We have secured huge international names for this event hosted by Felix Cane herself who will also be performing throughout the night. We are really looking forward to this star studded night and hope that you share our excitement!

Look forward to seeing you all at the show!

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